The April 2021 issue of Anabaptist Witness invites writers to reflect on how corporate worship practices intersect with witness: Witness tends to be understood as action, and worship as reflection–so how do the two influence one another? In historical and present times, what is Anabaptist witness, what is Anabaptist worship, and how do the two connect? What does our worship need to look like in order to embody justice and peace? How might worship practices inadvertently reproduce barriers to witness?

Submissions on this topic are welcome through November 1 2020. Through a peer review process, we will choose 3–4 shorter articles of approximately 1,500 words in length, and 5–6 academic papers of no more than 7,500 words (including footnotes). Image-based submissions are also subject to peer review. Please familiarize yourself with our editorial process and technical requirements at

If you have an idea you would like feedback on, you are welcome to submit a onepage abstract by October 1, 2020. Address all correspondence to and